Road rides

Bealach-na-Ba, Sportive ride on the west coast of Scotland around the Applecross peninsula. A great day on the bike together with  over 500 riders.......... conditions in 2007 were wet and windy.


Pyrenees c2c ride, the climax of the 2006 summers road riding. A 6 day tour from the Atlantic to the Med, over 700 kms.......



November 17th was the first of the winter rides, Steve was the only one willing to brave the strong winds and forecast rain. In the end the ride was dry but windy with the climb up the flank of Cullardoch made worse by the gale force head winds that ensured that it was’nt a sprint to the top. Sanctury was found in the shooting lodge just down off the top heading back towards Invercauld. Have a look at the grey skies that accompanied us all day. Still good to get out on the bike.

Not long before the annual Boxing Day ride. The 2007 ride was out at Glenn Tanner, a quick spin up the forest followed by a bit of river crossing and climbing and downhill. Have a look at the photos - excellent banana cake Mike, complimented all the mince pies we had to eat.

Strathpuffer 24 hour race - January 13/14th. Two 4 man teams and one solo entry. One 4 man team finished in 11th position for the male 4 man teams, and the solo was 11th out of 36. Good results. Not sure how the teams will fare in 2008 with Big Eric now in Houston. A few pictures from this years event. Short video of the event can be seen if you follow this link. Follow this link to see Dave’s 2007 memories of hell on two wheels !!! And as a reminder of what was involved in 2006 which was a piece of cake compared with 2007 have a look at some of Dave Lynchs photo memories of 24 hours of hell....................only joking!!!

Not much else has been happening in 2007 - too much work and no play has made ‘Big’ Mart rue the day his spare tyres merged with his body !!!!!

Recent ride up the Slugain - photo supplied by Steve.