Welcome to xcrider.com, a site dedicated to off road mountain bike rides in the hills of Scotland. Some bad news for the team - Big Eric has departed Aberdeen for Houston due to work. This leaves the ‘Strathpuffer 24 Hour Teams’ short of one rider for the 2008 ride. Dave Lynch is working on filling the gap. The rides in the North East have such variety that you can always find a bit of single track or fire road to have a blast. Winter is around the corner which means its time for night rides. Lights are being prepared and plans are a foot to have a night under the stars in the Cairngorms. Hopefully with snow in the next couple of months the rides will be even better. Time to get out and ride. Have a look at what a night ride at Kirkhill can be like...........

              Martin Hauan


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Belvideros Endurance Racing Team aim to put up two four man teams in the Strathpuffer 24 hour race in January 2008. Me - I will be doing it solo again.





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